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Breast Cancer/Problems

Breast problems are very common in reproductive period of woman's life. Usually breast problems before age of fifty benign. But that does not warrant a relaxed attitude toward self-breast examination and seeking medical advice for any unusual findings or symptoms of the breast.

Breast Front View

More women survive breast cancer in the recent years due to the fact that woman and clinicians awareness has led to early detection of breast cancer and rapid and swift treatment.
Is not surprising that was such awareness that the number of cases of common diseases of the breast as well as cancer breast are rising.
Cancer breast and the risk of breast cancer increase with age, four out of five cases of breast cancer occur after age of fifty.
Breast self-examination is a key factor of the success of Queensway’s Gynaecology clinic in achieving a highest standard of woman's health care.
Definition of breast cancer: 
Breast cancer develops when some of the cells of the breast begin to multiply out of control and it is called mad cells in behaviour. These cells form the tumour. Some of these cells remain localised and with a CAPSULE usually small and single lump in early stages of cancer but sometimes the cells travel to other parts of the breast and form new tumours.

Breast Front View

The tumour usually detected early with self-breast examination or routine examination or with clinical examination and confirm the diagnoses with the tests which would be mandatory to be carried out within days from the event, at Queensway Gynaecology Clinic we are proud to consider our self's one of the few clinics in Britain to be (ONE STOP BREAST CLINIC) that means the following carried out once a lump is detected breast ultrasound would be carried out immediately. 
Breast cancer symptoms and diagnoses
Breast lumps which could be felt during breast self-examination or during clinical breast examination, breast cysts, fibro adenomas, haematomas, and breast cancer tumours should be in the gynaecologists mind while early detection breast cancer is diagnosed
Breast pain 
Breast pain could be hormonal, injuries, related to birth control pills, and pain related to breast cancer
Breast skin changes
Skin changes one of a very important characteristics of a underling breast cancer, pudu- orange skin characteristics of breast cancer

Breast Front View

Nipple changes
Inverted and fixed nipples with skin changes and retro areola lump usually cancer breast
Ultrasound and Breast Biopsies
They are diagnostic for breast cancer lump breast imaging is done to diagnose breast cancer in early stages, but mammography is diagnostic in invasive breast cancer.
Breast biopsy is a procedure to obtain tissue for histology which is diagnostic in breast cancer.
Overall view on breast cancer
A.   Changes in the size, shape , feel of the breast
B.    Puckering ,dimpling  or redness of the skin
C.    Changes of position of the nipple discharge
D.   Pain or rubbery lumps under the armpit

All the above changes should be taken very seriously and prompt breast specialist advice should be done immediately.
Queensway Clinic gynaecologists are well trained to identify the risk and the potential cancer patients and the breast cancer specialists are working closely with Queensway Clinic gynaecologist.
The various pictures and drawings of the breast are helpful to teach and guide woman to check and self-examine their breast.  
For advice and appointment please call Queensway Clinic on the following numbers:
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